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We are a Traditional Chinese Kung Fu School. Sifu Chris Heintzman has been training with Grandmaster David Chin for more than 20 years and continues to do so today. Sifu Heintzman is not only a disciple of Master Chin but has studied with Sifu Chin longer than any other student. Sifu Heintzman has been studying the martial arts for more than 30 years and is still honing his skills. We do not concentrate on flowery forms – as the old saying goes, “brocade leg and plum flower fist”. The meaning is that it looks beautiful but is quite flimsy. We concentrate on combat effective techniques and the conditioning required for their development and implementation.

Our number one goal is to give students of all ages effective combat tools and the ability to use them. By virtue of the training process required to gain these abilities students will also be able to reach other personal goals such as self discipline, incredible fitness, mental and emotional stability and self confidence. Our Kwoon has all the tools necessary for experienced and inexperienced people to make their goals a reality.

If you want world class training and are tired of the ridiculous and misplaced ego trips at other schools then our kwoon is the place for you. We do Kung Fu (Deep Work) in an inspirational and challenging environment to develop every person that walks through our door.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Star Kwoon

  1. Hi do you offer any skype online training for people interested in tai chi/qigong? I work for the U.S. military but live in Germany. I am very interetsed in the Guan Ping Tai Chi as it is the original tai chi. I’m really interested in Sifu Chin’s methods of healing since i have a severe spinal injury that has been difficult to heal.


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